Our team, our heart, our soul.

Our currently 40 employees (as of March 2020) at our main offices in Winsen (Luhe) near Hamburg are a committed combination of experienced electric specialists, automotive engineers, engineers and programmers and are the soul of our company. We live e-mobility with passion and enthusiasm, love challenges and implement tailor-made electrical conversions of vehicles of all kinds.

Leonie Behrens | Managing Director

Dirk Lehmann | Managing Director

Philip Wagemann | Managing Director

Jesper Thun I Managing Director DK

Bernd Beer I Head of Sales

Steffen Geffers | Sales

Claudio Schwalfenberg | Sales

Riki Haase | Liaison Management

Eike Weiß | Head of Projects

Chris Lehmann | Project Assistant & Controlling

Pawel Pokrywinski | Project Engineer

Patrick Bentzen | Project Management

Jan Bohling I Project Management

Henry Breitenstein | Project Assistant

Lars Ewert | Project Assistant

Timo Seemke | Project Assistant

Martin Pruscha | Software Development

Lars Weselmann I Software Development

Thomas Mießner I Software Development

Andrii Anufriiev I Software Development

Lars Tamke | CAD Construction

Pascal Busch | CAD Construction

Bernd Goos | Workshop Management

David Hotzel | Master of Automotive Mechanics

Norbert Deetz | Service Engineer

Jennifer Kurth | Constructional Mechanic

Clemens Lange | Metalworker & Welder

Steffen Soetbeer I Metalworker, Welder & Automotive Mechatronics

Niclas Richter | Automotive Mechatronics

Kevin Lassen | Automotive Mechatronics

Heiko Woltmann | Automotive Mechatronics

Maximilian Warstat | Automotive Mechatronics

Axel Hoffrichter | Automotive Electrician

Joshua Bogatzki | Automotive Electrician

Michael Mohrmann | Automotive Electrician

Birgit Lehmann | Head of Finance

Anna Maack | Accounting

Jessika Harms | HR & Administration

Tim Möller | IT Administrator

Klaus-Peter Weiß I Facility Manager

Heike Thomsen I Housekeeping

Alexander Lehmann | Working Student

Rasmus Nehmdahl | Trainee

Felipe Wicke | Trainee

Joshua Schnohr | Trainee

Felix Bostelmann | Trainee