FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about e-mobility and the electrical conversion of your vehicle by eCap. Should your question not be found here, please contact us via our contact form.

Can eCap convert any type of vehicle?

It is irrelevant for our team whether your desired vehicle is an older or a new vehicle (>more)

With our electrical conversions, we cover the entire range of vehicles – from tractors to vans, buses and sports cars to classic cars. We are your ideal contact for electrical conversions on land, on water and in the air. We respond to almost all customer requests regarding range, performance and equipment, provided the vehicle allows it.

What costs must be expected when converting to electromobility?

Our one-offs and prototypes are created in extensive planning, with many hours of work and high-quality components. A concrete conversion price can only be presented after a precise query of your wishes and a check of the technical implementation. Please assume that the conversion will definitely be in the five-digit range. (>more)

Our aim is to offer individual and specialized services at a technically high level in the field of electromobility. The various conversion packages from eCap are tailored to the particular vehicle and each conversion is a one-off production or a prototype. You are welcome to obtain specific information about your vehicle or your inquiry in a personal conversation.

How do the conversion costs of an electrical conversion come about?

Our one-offs and prototypes are created in extensive planning, with many hours of work and high-quality components. (>more)

Your vehicle will experience a real revaluation and start a new life as a clean electric vehicle. They are at the beginning of a new era in the field of mobility, which is also due to the current price of their one-off production.

What are the advantages of converting my vehicle to e-mobility?

Our conversion will give your existing car a real upgrade and it starts a new life as a clean electric vehicle. (>more)

In addition to increased driving pleasure, you benefit from tax advantages, low loading costs and longer service intervals thanks to the reduced number of maintenance-intensive individual parts. As a driver of an electric vehicle, you protect the environment through almost emission-free mobility, which is reinforced by the steadily growing share of renewable energies in charging current. You decide against the disposable mentality and conserve valuable resources by preserving your car.

What service options does eCap offer after the conversion?

After a successful conversion, we are your reliable service partner for everything related to your electric vehicle. (>more)

We are happy to help you within the scope of maintenance intervals or other service needs. We take care of the TÜV (HU) for your electric vehicle. We can also provide extensive support for e-vehicles that have not been converted by us. Our service is not limited to built-in e-components.

What maintenance intervals do I have to take into account?

The first inspection of the converted vehicle is necessary after driving 1,000 km. This step will be done by us after the test phase. (>more)

At a service appointment, we check all aspects of the vehicle that have been directly or indirectly processed and changed by the conversion. We plan further maintenance intervals, such as the annual inspection, with our customers based on the individual conversion. The manufacturer's maintenance plan for all unchanged systems remains valid even after the conversion. By eliminating the maintenance-intensive combustion engine, the service requirement of your electric vehicle is generally reduced.

How long does it take to charge my electric vehicle?

The charging time is always individual and depends heavily on the built-in battery capacity and the charging capacity of the charger used. (>more)

However, to give you assistance here, the specific charging time of your future vehicle depends on many components. We would be happy to clarify your requirements and our implementation suggestions in a personal consultation.

Can I test drive an eCap e-vehicle?

Of course, this is always possible with us. (>more)

Please feel free to request an appointment for a test drive and coordinate your wishes with our current options. We also organize events such as an "open day" and would like to welcome you here.

Will the air conditioning, heating and power steering remain intact during the e-conversion?

The conversion of the heating and the existing power steering is included in the price of our e-conversion. (>more)

At your request, we can also upgrade the existing air conditioning system as part of the conversion. In this case we would be happy to advise you personally.

Can I also have a vehicle with an automatic transmission converted?

We can also convert vehicles with automatic transmissions. (>more)

However, since the converter in the automatic transmission requires an idling speed and the efficiency of an automatic transmission is usually very low, we remove the transmission from automatic vehicles. As a result, all driving conditions must be optimally covered in one gear. We therefore need a much more powerful engine, which means that the costs for the conversion are higher than for vehicles with a manual transmission.