A 44/80 kW electric motor was installed in the "Channel Shuttle", which transports passengers and cargo without emissions and at a speed of up to 140 km/h through Hamburg and the surrounding area.


We were given the requirement that the T5 should have a range of approx. 100 km when fully loaded. With a battery capacity of just over 32.6 kWh, the "Channel Shuttle" actually travels up to 130 km in daily use and needs around four hours to charge.

Special features

Die Fahrer der Flüchtlingshilfe und deren Fahrgäste sind begeistert vom lautlosen und angenehmen Fahrverhalten des T5 und schätzen den Komfort der eingebauten Standheizung. Das „Channel Shuttle“ im auffälligen Design ist ein wohlbekannter Anblick im Hamburger Süden – kaum verwunderlich bei mittlerweile über 40.000 elektrisch gefahrener Kilometer.

The drivers of the refugee aid and their passengers are impressed about the silent and pleasant driving behavior of the T5 and appreciate the comfort of the built-in parking heater. The “Channel Shuttle” in its striking design is a well-known sight in the south of Hamburg – hardly surprising given the over 40,000 kilometers driven by electricity.