VW Beetle "Retro"


Our team has equipped the retro beetle with a 60 kW asynchronous motor. The agile Beetle therefore leaves one or two new cars at the traffic lights. The top speed of 120 km / h is absolutely sufficient due to the wind noise of the design of that time.


According to the wishes and requirements of the customer, the Beetle can reach a range of approx. 100 km thanks to the 16 kWh battery used if the driving style is appropriate. Despite the batteries installed, part of the trunk in the front part of the car can be used for a spare wheel for example.

Special features

The Retro Beetle from 1984 was a real exotic even before it was converted to an electric vehicle as a “limited edition” from Volkswagen and was in the past equipped with a Porsche combustion engine. The emission-free electric motor is whirring in the rear and behind the fuel filler cap the petrol filler neck has been replaced by a charging socket. The charging time is five hours.