Porsche 996 convertible


The installed 44/70 kW engine accelerates the sports convertible rapidly and delivers a top speed of 180 km/h. This top speed is not relevant on the country roads in Föhr - but the rich and almost silent acceleration of the electric motor is.


The given framework for the range was “once around the island”. Our experienced team found the optimal mix of range reserve and the lowest possible weight. The selected battery configuration of 23 kWh corresponds to a range of approx. 120 km and thus exceeds the customer's request.

Special features

Even at second glance, the Porsche is barely distinguishable from the standard combustion model. The electrical components used are not visible from the outside, even when the convertible top is open. Only the rev counter clearly differs from the original. But at the latest when you accelerate silently, the Porsche reveals itself to be an environmentally friendly e-sports car.