The small holder with its 13 kW electric motor shows very fast acceleration and reaches with 40 km/h a particularly high top speed for a tractor. As an open vehicle, this approach and the roaring headwind offer the pilot and all passengers pure fun in electrified tractor driving.


With a battery capacity of 9.2 kWh, the holder can travel up to 50 km with one charge. That is more than sufficient for many rounds at the harvest festival and subsequent excursions through the village. The holder will be fully charged again in about 3.5 hours.

Special features

An electric tractor is unique even years after it has been converted and provides astonished looks and open ears when the holder whizzes by quietly. In front of the running cameras of the NDR, the electric tractor faced a large diesel tractor in the acceleration race. Amazing how quickly the taillights got smaller from a combustion perspective.