VW T5 with hydrogen fuel cell drive

We are working on converting heavy trucks and public transport buses for our partner Clean Logistics into hydrogen-powered HyBatt trucks and HyBatt buses. This VW T5 serves us as a valuable technology carrier. The transporter, which has been converted from diesel to hydrogen fuel cell drive, collects valuable data as a test vehicle on the interaction of the components used, such as the electric motor, fuel cell, hydrogen tank system, battery storage, high-voltage cabling and control units. The collected data and knowledge will be incorporated into the conversion of the HyBatt vehicles and contribute to the further optimisation of our processes.

Electric motor

• Direct drive
• 100 kW
• 230Nm
• 600V

High voltage cabling

• 600V system (EMC relevant)
• Shielded high voltage cabling
• Shielded CAN bus cabling
• EMC compliant components only

Cooling system

• 3 different cooling systems:
  - Oil ->Motor
  - Water+Glycol -> Aux
  - DI-Water+Glycol -> fuel cell

Fuel cell

• REFIRE Caven 4
• 46kW net power
• 450-700V

H2 tank system

• ~2kg @ 350bar
• Security system:
  - H2 sensors + vent lines

Control units

• Pressure control connected to the H2 inlet of the fuel cell
• OTV combines control and safety devices

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Our Partner
Clean Logistics


For our electric vehicles, we research the right components around the world, individually by application. We would like to thank all partners who were involved in our HyBatt test vehicle T5: REFIRE, DANA TM4, HYDAC, WEBASTO, INNOLECTRIC, SWAGELOK, SEGULA, WÜRTH, TECHNICAL SERVICES UK.

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