Our team, our heart, our soul.

Our currently 50 employees at the Winsen (Luhe) location are a committed mix of experienced electrical specialists, vehicle manufacturers, engineers and programmers and the soul of our young company. We live and breathe electric mobility, face challenges with passion and enthusiasm and create tailor-made electric conversions of all kinds of vehicles.

Philip Wagemann | Managing Director

Alexander Lehmann | Managing Director

Jesper Thun I Managing Director DK

Sarah Brokopp I Management Assistent, Receptionist

Eike Weiß | Head of Projects

Steffen Geffers | Sales

Riki Haase | Liaison Management

Chris Lehmann | Project Assistance & Controlling

Dario Nickel | Project Assistance

Valleriia Kantur | Project Assistance

Pawel Pokrywinski | Project Engineer

Henrik Steinke | Project Engineer

Patrick Bentzen | Project Management

Jan Bohling I Project Management

Henry Breitenstein | Project Assistant

Lars Ewert | Project Assistant

Timo Seemke | Project Assistant

Lars Weselmann I Head of Software Development & QM

Thomas Mießner I Software Development

Andrii Anufriiev I Software Development

Mykhaylo Golovin I Software Development

Johannes Göpfert I Software Development

Benjamin Pohrt I IT Administration

Lars Tamke | CAD Design

Pascal Busch | CAD Design

Angelo Frenzel | CAD Design

Bernd Goos | Head of workshop

David Hotzel | Head of Service

Norbert Deetz | Service technician

Jennifer Kurth | Construction mechanic

Clemens Lange | Warehouse & Controlling

Kevin Lassen | Team leader prototype construction

Steffen Soetbeer I Automotive Mechatronics

Heiko Woltmann | Automotive Mechatronics

Maximilian Warstat | Automotive Mechatronics

Joshua Bogatzki | Automotive Mechatronic

Michael Mohrmann | Automotive Mechatronic

Bernd Netzlaff | Automotive Mechatronic

Michael Fritsch | Automotive Mechatronic

Axel Hoffrichter | Automotive Electrician

Birgit Lehmann | Head of Finance

Anna Maack | Accounting

Katharina Lehmann | Finance Assistent

Niclas Annen | Purchase

Jessika Harms | HR & Administration

Klaus-Peter Weiß I Facility Manager

Heike Thomsen I Cleaning Specialist

Rasmus Nehmdahl | Apprentice

Felipe Wicke | Apprentice

Joshua Schnohr | Apprentice

Felix Bostelmann | Apprentice