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eCap is the exclusive Europe-wide service and sales partner for the proven product line of fuel cells and accessories from REFIRE Technology.

REFIRE was founded in 2014 to reduce dependence on carbon and pave the way for a new hydrogen-based economy. By the second quarter of 2021, REFIRE had delivered over 3,500 fuel cell systems (FCS). The fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) equipped with REFIRE FCS are used in the areas of logistics, local transport and municipal services. Together, these FCEVs have already covered a distance of more than 60 million kilometres.

REFIRE's market share in fuel cell commercial vehicles in China is currently 40%. Concepts, prototypes and small series are created on the 25,000 m2 campus of the REFIRE headquarters in Shanghai. In its state-of-the-art fuel cell plants in Yunfu and Changshu, REFIRE produces 25,000 fuel cell systems annually and is constantly expanding its production capacity.

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